You have a big opportunity in front of you—to not only impact a child’s life today, but to transform their potential for tomorrow.



By becoming a Big at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Acadiana, you could help change the future of a kid – and probably change yours too! Mentoring a kid on a one-to-one basis is one of the most impactful volunteer experiences you can have. Our volunteers constantly tell us that “they got more than they gave.” Studies find that kids matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister are more confident, more likely to steer clear of drugs and alcohol, do better in school, get along better with their family and friends, and feel better about themselves. You may feel as if you do not qualify to be a role model, but everyone is life-qualified to listen, share, and do fun things. If you become a consistent, genuine and trusted Big, your impact will go far beyond what you expect.


Bigs come in all shapes and sizes and ages! The most important part of being a Big is to be caring and consistent. We ask Bigs to commit to their Little for at least 12 months. We provide an orientation and training before you are matched with a Little – and then continue to provide on-going support and training along the way. From there – you just do what you already love to do – but with your Little. Or maybe try new things together. In a few hours a week you can truly ignite potential in a young person.



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Get Involved

Whether you get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters as a donor, potential Big Brother or Big Sister, partner, advocate, or family member, you have the power to change a child's future for the better.