The Bacchanalian

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Jefferson Street Pub

500 Jefferson St. 

6pm- 9pm

Teams, consisting of 1-3 participants ($75 per person/$225 per team) are admitted by bringing 3 bottles of the same varietal to the event. At the event, 2 of the teams 3 bottles are bagged, tagged and ranked by each participant. The 3rd bottle is set aside and left unopened. The team that brought the highest ranked wines divvy up each team’s 3rd unopened bottle, except for the lowest ranked wine which will be returned to the team that brought it.

Please remember, teams can consist of 1-3 participants. Thus, a group of 4 participants, for example, will be considered 2 teams and must bring 6 bottles of the varietal to enter the event.

Still don’t get it?? Don’t worry, just bring wine, show up and we’ll help you figure it out.

For more information contact:
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Acadiana
Phone: 269-0454 Fax: 269-1069

Print Out the Team Registration Form & Email back to us! 

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