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Join us on Thursday, November 8th from 6:00 - 9:00 pm at Jefferson Street Pub for The Bacchanalian, an evening of wine, live music from Major Handy, food and revelry! The Bacchanalian is a wine tasting competition for connoisseurs as well as "boxed wine lovers." Proceeds from The Bacchanalian will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Acadiana.

How does it work? 

Teams consisting of 1 to 3 participants, are admitted by bringing 3 bottles of the same wine to the event. Each team host raises a minimum donation for their team.

1 person team = a minimum of a $50 donation

2 person team = a minimum of a $100 donation

3 person team = a minimum of a $150 donation

 At the event, 2 of each teams' 3 bottles of wine are bagged, tagged, assigned a number at random and set out for tasting. The 3rd bottle is set aside and left unopened. Remember, teams can consist of 1 to 3 participants. Thus, a group of 4 participants for example, will be considered 2 teams and must bring 6 bottles of wine to the event. Just remember the “Rule of Three,” which is visually depicted below.

Prizes: The teams that bring the top favorite wine will take home everyone's third, unopened bottle of wine! The team that brings the least favorite bottle of wine will take home their own unopened bottle of wine.


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Thank you to our generous sponsors!

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Interested in sponsoring this event?

Contact Kalli at or (337)269-0454. 

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All proceeds benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Acadiana

For more information contact:

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Acadiana


Phone: 269-0454 Fax: 269-1069